Our Programmes

1. Education & Awareness Creation

This Program is designed to promote education and awareness about the importance of integrity, social justice, and sustainable development. The program aims to build a strong foundation of knowledge and read more.

2. Voice Out

This is an Advocacy and Lobby Program that is designed to advocate for policies and practices that promote integrity, social justice, and sustainable development at the local, national, and international levels. The program aims to influence decision-makers and read more.

3. Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Program is designed to engage with communities to promote integrity, social justice, and sustainable development. The program aims to build trust and collaboration with communities to create read more.

4. Integrity Recognition, Spotlight & Award

The Integrity Spotlight initiative seeks to identify and showcase individuals and organizations that have shown exemplary integrity practices in their daily operations. The program highlights read more.

5. Networking & Partnerships

The Networking and Partnerships Program is designed to build and maintain partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and stakeholders who share the center’s vision and mission. The program aims to leverage read more.

6. Kilifi Transparency Hub

The hub provides free access to information, enabling young people in Kilifi County to stay informed about various topics such as education, job opportunities, health, and governance. The hub empowers them to make informed decisions, pursue educational and career opportunities, and actively engage in community development. By equipping young people with read more.