Mission & Vision


Our mission is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to become lead agents of change in promoting integrity, democracy, and social justice.


Our vision is to build strong, just, resilient, and sustainably thriving communities free from corruption, undemocratic practises, and social injustices.

Principles and core values

1. Integrity

Upholding the highest standards of honesty, transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct is crucial in fostering trust and credibility within YIB and the communities we serve. Embracing integrity ensures that our actions align with values and promotes a culture of accountability.

2. Inclusivity

Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of individuals and communities is essential for creating an inclusive and equitable environment. By embracing inclusivity, we ensure that everyone’s voices are heard, valued, and respected, leading to more effective and impactful initiatives.

3. Collaboration

Recognizing that collective action is more powerful than individual efforts, YIB prioritizes collaboration with stakeholders, partners, and communities to foster synergy, shared knowledge, and resources, leading to innovative and effective solutions resulting in a greater sustainable impact.

4. Empowerment

Valuing and empowering individuals and communities to take charge of their own development and be active catalysts of change is crucial for sustainable growth. By providing tools, resources, and opportunities for growth, we empower people to make informed decisions, take ownership of their actions, and drive positive change in their own lives and communities.

5. Advocacy/Lobby

YIB embraces advocacy and lobby as a core values. Advocating and lobbying for integrity, democracy, and social justice at local, national, and international levels raises awareness, influences policies, and promotes systemic change, addressing root causes and creating long-lasting impact.

6. Sustainability

At YIB, we are commitment to long-term viability and positive impact on the community. We consistently consider the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the community’s well-being and striving for practices that promote a healthy and thriving community for future generations. We ensure that our actions and initiatives are not only beneficial in the present but also contribute to the long-term health, resilience, and development of the community.

7. Good governance

We establish and adhere to principles, policies, and procedures that ensure fairness, integrity, and effective management. We have a clear framework for decision-making processes and a commitment to upholding ethical standards through open communication, integrity in financial management, inclusivity in decision-making processes, and accountability to stakeholders.

8. Teamwork

At YIB, we underscore the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and synergy among our staff members and our pool of volunteers because the collective efforts of a team are often more effective and efficient than individual contributions. Our employees work together towards common goals, share knowledge and expertise, and support one another. We also communicate effectively, respect diverse perspectives, and actively contribute to the team’s success hence fostering a positive work environment, encourages innovation, and enhances problem-solving capabilities.

9. Innovation

creative, be creative, write-725811.jpg

We continuously adapt and find creative solutions to address the challenges faced in promoting integrity, democracy, and social justice. We endeavor to develop new approaches, technologies, and strategies that enhances our impact and effectiveness. Innovation enables us to stay ahead of the curve, seize opportunities, and drive positive change in a rapidly evolving world helping us to better fulfill our vision of creating a world where all individuals and communities can thrive sustainably, with integrity, democracy, and social justice at the forefront.