Gérard Saleh Bitendelo: Igniting the Flame of Integrity and Inclusive Governance

In a world plagued by corruption and inequality, individuals like Gérard Saleh Bitendelo stand as beacons of hope. With over six years of extensive experience, Gérard has dedicated his career to fighting corruption, promoting integrity, and fostering inclusive governance. He is currently serving as a CEO at Disability Inclusion Group. Gérard is interested in volunteering as a facilitator for the I-Lead Program because it aligns with his professional aspirations and personal values. He is eager to contribute to the program’s success and help achieve its objectives. In this article, we explore Gérard’s remarkable journey and the invaluable contributions he brings to our I-Lead program as a facilitator.

A Commitment to Ethical Practices:

Gérard’s unwavering commitment to promoting ethical practices within communities shines brightly through his certification as a Community Integrity Building Trainer by Integrity Action. This certification not only showcases his expertise but also symbolizes his relentless pursuit of integrity at the grassroots level. Gérard’s knowledge and experience will undoubtedly ignite a spark within participants, empowering them to champion transparency and accountability.

Solidifying Knowledge and Understanding:

As an alumnus of the prestigious Transparency International School on Integrity, Gérard has fortified his knowledge and understanding of integrity-related issues. This achievement exemplifies his thirst for knowledge and his determination to lead the charge against corruption. Gérard’s insights and experiences will undoubtedly enrich the learning experience in our program..

A Trailblazer in Civic Leadership:

Gérard’s successful completion of the civic leadership course offered by the YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa Dakar has bestowed him with invaluable skills and insights. His ability to effectively lead and engage with diverse stakeholders in the civic sector is a testament to his passion and dedication for creating positive change. Gérard’s leadership prowess will ignite a fire within participants, inspiring them to become trailblazers in their own communities.

A Priceless Asset to the I-Lead Program:

We are elated to welcome Gérard as a facilitator in our I-Lead program. His diverse experiences, certifications, and civic leadership background make him a priceless asset in promoting transparency, integrity, and inclusive governance practices. Gérard’s expertise will be particularly valuable in the following modules of our program:

1. Module 1: Introduction to Integrity and Anti-Corruption: Gérard’s extensive experience in the field of anti-corruption and integrity will provide participants with a solid foundation in understanding the importance of ethical practices and the detrimental effects of corruption. His stories of triumph and resilience will fuel their determination to stand up against unethical practices.
2. Module 2: Promoting Transparency and Accountability: Gérard’s insights will empower participants to embrace transparency and accountability as essential pillars of good governance. His practical knowledge will guide them in implementing effective strategies to promote transparency in their respective spheres of influence. 3. Module 7: Leadership and Ethics: Gérard’s exceptional civic leadership background will serve as a beacon of inspiration, igniting participants’ inner leaders. His experiences and guidance will equip them with the tools to lead with unwavering integrity, inspiring others to follow their path.


Gérard Saleh Bitendelo’s extraordinary journey and unwavering dedication to promoting integrity and inclusive governance make him a beacon of hope and inspiration. As he joins our I-Lead program as a facilitator, we are privileged to witness the spark of change he ignites within participants. We are confident that his valuable experience and vast knowledge will empower participants to become agents of change in the fight against corruption and the pursuit of inclusive governance. Together, we will fan the flames of integrity, transparency, and equal opportunities for all. Let us embrace Gérard’s spirit and work hand in hand to create a future where integrity reigns supreme, empowering individuals to become architects of a better world.

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